How to track order PayPal without an account?

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You’ve paid for a service online and decided to pay by credit card instead of PayPal? Is there a way you can track order PayPal without an account?

Unfortunately, in this case, you may not track order PayPal easily as we’ve discussed in our other articles. It will be a little complicated for you to track orders from PayPal as a guest.

With that in mind, we’re here to help you out. Let’s get started!

How to track a PayPal order without an account?

Typically, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can verify if you have received the tracking number by email or on the order details by visiting the website of the shipping company (such as USPS, 4PX, and so on) and entering the tracking number.

Besides that way, you can track PayPal order guest. This means you can track your order if I check out as a guest.

PayPal has developed Guest Checkout to speed up the issuing of contactless cards, improve the shopping experience, develop stronger customer service, and provide a lot more convenient and simple online payment facility.

This takes into account the requirements and wants of non-PayPal account holders or those who don’t have an account.

How to track a PayPal order when you do not have an account

How to track a PayPal order when you do not have an account

Customers can use Guest Checkout to complete their purchases using simply their credit card information instead of logging into their PayPal accounts.

The transaction ID is sent to your email after the payment is done. 

However, to track your order as well as your payment status, you will need to send a guest transaction ID to Customer Support for an update.

Well, it appears really complicated and time-consuming to do it this way, right?

The reason for this is that PayPal offers a number of safety features, including its fraud protection procedures.

In fact, tracking order without a PayPal account rarely happens since it is so complicated as we talked about above. Indeed, no one wants to mess things up. If you want to track orders on PayPal, simply create an account for further convenience.

The way to track order PayPal without an account

The way to track order PayPal without an account

Keep reading the next part, we will tell you how to track an order paid with PayPal.

How to track a package paid with PayPal?

On the PayPal Activity page, you can track the status of your purchase and the PayPal tracking information.

To track your order, simply click “check tracking” on the PayPal website.

If you’re unsure of how to track, we’ve put together about tracking a PayPal order in this article: Can I track my Paypal order through PayPal?

Tracking your purchases now is a breeze with a tracking number. That’s why many sellers make much effort to automate the process of providing customers with tracking numbers.

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This is among the best solutions which will help sellers streamline the business’s operations by automatically gathering the tracking data and adding it to PayPal.

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Using Synctrack - A smart tool to build your store

Using Synctrack – A smart tool to build your store

Final Thoughts

It’s a pity that you can’t track order PayPal without an account. However, most customers avoid this when shopping online. Everything you need to focus on is how to automate adding tracking information to PayPal.

No need to go further! The best solution Synctrack – Adding Tracking Info is ahead of you!

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