Synctrack – Success Story from Just Lyne

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Each Synctrack customer has a unique journey and a story to share and inspire. In Just Lyne’s story, Synctrack is their “set and forget” solution to get all the Paypal disputes out of their way.  

How Just Lyne found Synctrack? What is the way Synctrack work on Just Lyne? Is Synctrack truly bring happiness to users? 

Here is all the answer for you!

About Just Lyne

Just Lyne is a Handmade Custom Line Art drawn by professional designers. Customers can personalize the poster that comes with the design by adding colors and text.

Vicente – co-founder and CEO of Just Lyne shared “We feel that it is important to recreate some moments and there is no better way than having a timeless One Line drawing on the wall. It can make couples remember good memories forever.” 

The aim of the company is to provide unique meaningful products that boost people’s confidence, self-esteem and elevate their creativity. They strive to inspire growth, personal story, and inner strength.

With their vision, Just Lyne knows  they need to find a powerful tool with as few errors as possible. This is simply because less time for unnecessary operating work means more time for business to grow.

Just Lyne never considered adding tracking numbers manually

Just Lyne’s goal is to optimize everything with modern tools. As a result, they never considered manually adding tracking numbers.

When the capital started to run out and the number of orders reached around 100, Just Lyne quickly wanted to figure out how to add tracking information to PayPal.

Vicente looked for solutions on Shopify right away to help him carry out his goals. He described the tool he was looking for in the search bar, and the result was Synctrack.

Vicente first had doubts about the effectiveness of this application, but after downloading and using the trial version, he was amazed by how quickly and precisely it could sync tracking info.

The CEO decided to upgrade the plan of Synctrack!

This is the set-and-forget app! Synctrack is extremely easy to use, even for beginners. 

Therefore, he decided to upgrade to the Basic version of Synctrack. This is an option which is both economical and suitable for this store based on actual monthly orders.

Many features that Just-Lyne doesn’t know about!

Here is a funny story that Vicente told us in the interview.

Due to the automatic synchronization at every stage, and the easy-to-use interface, he has wholly trusted and never re-checked order status. 

That’s the reason why there were many different features of Synctrack such as the multi-stores feature, courier mapping, and professional dashboard… that Vicente didn’t know about.

He was extremely surprised and told us:

Why the app with only $6.99/month could be useful and beneficial like that? I need to update to use other features of Synctrack right now!

Keep introducing Synctrack for other merchants!

With great support from customer supporters and new features constantly updated to help the app thrive, Vicente believes that Synctrack will become more and more prominent in the future

He finds Synctrack is a must-have app for every store on Shopify or other well-known marketplaces like WooCommerce or WordPress, so Vicente will continue to recommend this tool to more friends or merchants in the future!


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