10+ reasons why your Paypal account is locked that you need to know

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If you are doing dropshipping, selling software, or doing business with international customers, receiving a notice that your Paypal account has been locked can be terrifying. Do you know what are the reasons why your Paypal account is locked? How to know your Paypal account is limited? The article that we bring will clearly explain what you are still wondering, let’s get started.

10+ reasons why your Paypal account is locked

Before trying to find a way to restore your PayPal account to normal, you should also take a look at the causes of the PayPal account Limit status. The account limit will have many reasons and PayPal they will also have different limit forms.


Reasons why your Paypal account is locked

Normally, the system will apply an automatic account limit when it detects “strange actions”, but if there is a dispute or fraud problem reported by a 3rd party, they will apply a limit account form. manual account.

The following reasons may be the cause of the PayPal account being limited:

  • Violation of PayPal’s terms and policies Suspected account theft (abnormal login)
  • Sign in to your account on multiple devices with different IP addresses. Log in to multiple accounts on 1 device at the same time
  • Changing the account’s personal information too many times
  • Traded too many times in a short period of time
  • Receiving or withdrawing unusually large amounts is also subject to a limit.
  • Receiving funds from illegal sources or from offending accounts.
  • Transfer money to an illegal or blacklisted account.
  • Detect trading accounts, buy and sell banned goods such as: depraved cultural products, drugs, …
  • Account is complained by someone, reported to PayPal for some reason that is not favorable to you, you may also be limited (this is easy to limit manually, then if you can’t explain it, it’s very difficult. hard to open).
  • In addition, there are many other reasons. To avoid account restriction, the best way is to comply with the policy, use a PayPal account (terms they offer as soon as you sign up for PayPal) for transparent transactions, protect your PayPal account more secure It’s rare that your PayPal account is limited.

How to know your Paypal account is limited?

During your use, if you find that your Paypal account is locked, you need to log in to your Paypal Business account and go to the Resolution Center. Here, if you are the account owner, you can see the details of why your account is limited, thereby finding out the information requests from Paypal to solve the problem.


What can you do if your account is locked?

In case the email you received has a message that your account is restricted and you have not received any information from the Resolution Center, you should not be too worried because the email you received may be a scam. At this point, you will need to do the following:

  • Let Paypal re-investigate your email. When you send an email to Paypal, delete it immediately from your mailbox to prevent viruses from entering your computer system.
  • For extra security, run an anti-virus check and change your password and security question again.

To summarize, there are many reasons why your Paypal account is locked. Therefore, pay attention to using your account effectively to avoid unfortunate situations.

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