Why PayPal transactions are pending and 3 tips to avoid

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Small company owners may easily and securely receive payments for their products and services using PayPal.

However, what happens if you complete an order but find that your PayPal order number is still showing as payment pending?

If you’re a PayPal patron, knowing the reasons for PayPal transactions pending and how to prevent them are important. Keep reading this post! We will give you all you need to know about the PayPal transaction pending and PayPal order tracking.

What does PayPal transaction pending means?

When a payment is marked as “pending” it means that the payment process still needs to be completed.

PayPal transaction pending means that PayPal is reviewing the transaction. PayPal will send your payment to the recipient after your payment source has been verified.

If the PayPal order status shipped is “Pending”, your order has been got by the seller; however, your payment has still not been processed yet. 

In most transactions, the seller will finish the payment soon after getting the order. When making a purchase of items, many sellers will finish the payment with PayPal order tracking once they are ready to send your order.

When you make certain types of transactions, such as services or rentals, the seller won’t finish collecting money until your order has been completely fulfilled.

Up until it expires, is finished, or is voided, an order’s status will always be shown as pending.

Do you know about PayPal transaction pending?

Do you know about PayPal transaction pending?

Besides PayPal order tracking, let’s take a look at: Can I track my Paypal order through PayPal tracking information?

Why is your PayPal transaction pending?

In order to help assure that the system is secure for both buyers and sellers, PayPal states that the business temporarily puts payments on hold or pending.

Even though the money is yours, PayPal will initially keep you from getting it in order to ensure there is enough money in your Paypal account to handle problems such as disputes or chargebacks.

Once the buyer certifies that they obtained the purchased goods in the condition that was promised, payments are released.

Your payment may be pending for a number of specific reasons, including:

  1. You are a new seller.  New sellers must establish their buyer-seller history and trust. Your status might change if you’ve created a successful transaction history.
  2. You’ve sold anything for a long time. In this case, you’ll need to reestablish your credibility, just like a first-time seller.
  3. Customers actively complained and requested a refund, a chargeback, or a dispute. PayPal might take longer to make your cash available if you’ve received many customer complaints about different problems.

In this case, working closely with customers to ensure problems are resolved as soon as possible is the best way to address this. Be upfront about delivery charges, item quality, and return policies to reduce complaints.

If an extreme event, such as a natural disaster, occurs in your region and prevents you from delivering on schedule, you may also put up a customer care message to let them know.

  1. Your purchasing behavior is suspicious. An account with unusual activity, such as a greater than typical selling trend or a noticeable shift in the kinds of goods sold, will be flagged by PayPal.
  2. You’re promoting risky products. These include things like tickets, gift cards, gadgets, laptops, trip packages, and anything else that is more pricey or event-related.

How long will your PayPal transaction be pending?

Your money will typically be kept for up to 21 days. Yet, there are a few things you can do to reduce this period.

How can you get to your money more quickly by PayPal order tracking?

Sellers can take a few actions to avoid Paypal transactions pending so long and hasten the PayPal payments’ release. These consist of:

  1. Add tracking: Use a shipping company that is recognized by PayPal, and the hold on your payments will be removed one day after the courier verifies delivery.
  2. Print a shipping label for USPS or UPS using PayPal: After the courier verifies delivery, PayPal will track your orders and remove the payment pending one day later.
  3. Update the PayPal order status shipped for any intangibles or services: Update PayPal order number tracking for non-shipped products, such as e-books or knitting tutorials, and PayPal will disburse payments in seven days.
Information about PayPal order tracking and reasons why transactions are pending on PayPal

Information about PayPal order tracking and reasons why transactions are pending on PayPal

How can you avoid Paypal transactions pending for so long?

Check your email

Check the alert seen on your Account Overview page as well as the email issued by PayPal with the subject “An important message about your PayPal balance.”

This email will provide details on the reasons why your transaction is pending as well as suggestions for how to prevent this in the future.

Post real images

Post real images of the products you’re selling, including precise and detailed descriptions. It’s also necessary to be open and honest about delivery charges times, expenses, and methods, processing orders quickly, and packing items with care so they come in excellent condition. 

Ultimately, being upfront about your return policy will help you avoid refunds, chargebacks, and disputes from customers.

Offer customer support

When a consumer contacts you, do your utmost to respond and assist them. Work to settle any customer disputes as quickly as you can.

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Get your payment pending quickly with Synctrack

As was already said, adding tracking data will enable you to rapidly collect pending payments from PayPal.

Make sure to input your tracking data if you print your own shipping labels away from the PayPal site so that PayPal can confirm that the shipment was sent and delivered.

With that in mind, Synctrack – Add Tracking Auto was developed with the objective of PayPal order tracking to help you access your money right after shipment with supported carriers.

Synctrack is a nice solution to avoid pending when auto add PayPal order tracking

Synctrack is a nice solution to avoid pending when auto add PayPal order tracking

Final Thoughts

Synctrack is among the top-notch solutions that can support you not only with PayPal tracking information but also several risks related to Paypal transaction pending.

If you have any further questions about PayPal order tracking or want to use our app Synctrack – Auto add tracking info, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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