PayPal Suspended Account – How To Fix It?

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There’s one of the emails from PayPal that you seriously hope you never get. You check your email in the morning and discover a message from PayPal noticing that your account has been suspended. How awful it is!

If PayPal is the sole payment gateway you use, you cannot process any payments through it, which means you are not earning any money.

Certainly, you need to address this right away.

With this in mind, today’s post will discuss every reason for PayPal’s suspended account.

We will also go through the key steps you must take to prevent PayPal from suspending your merchant account. Additionally, you’ll discover what to do if PayPal has already suspended your account.

Why Paypal account suspended?

PayPal has improved its ability to spot fraud in recent years. Yet, if an account seems to be “high risk,” they will still suspend it. This usually happens when there are too many refunds or customer disputes.

Under some circumstances, PayPal will flag your account for suspension and blocking. There could be a number of reasons for PayPal suspended account, including:

  • Your account gets a significant sum of money: If you receive a significant sum of money than usual, PayPal will temporarily suspend your account.
  • Malicious activity: If it notices any suspicious behavior or theft activity, it will also suspend the user’s account. But, it supports the user in maintaining the account’s security and privacy and safeguarding it from any hacks.
  • User Agreement Violation: Users who do not follow their agreements will certainly face PayPal suspended account.
  • Account with a lot of refunds: If your account has a lot of disputes and refunds, PayPal will immediately block it.
  • If you use PayPal to sell drugs, PayPal will suspend your account if it receives money for any unlawful conduct or materials.
  • If there is any dispute regarding the payments, your PayPal account may be suspended.
PayPal Suspended Account - How to fix it?

PayPal Suspended Account – How to fix it?

How long does PayPal suspend your account?

If a PayPal account is suspended, the user must wait for its unlocking while the business resolves the full issue. Only you might be able to unlock the account if the business decides to restore its trust in the individual. It is only for security requirements.

Many users claim that Paypal won’t keep your money for more than 6 months, but if you need access to your funds, 6 months may appear to be a long time. Furthermore, taking payments via Paypal while your funds are frozen is pointless if you can’t get to them.

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How to Unsuspend Your PayPal Account?

What if you receive a notification from PayPal your account has been suspended?

If this happens, you will receive a Paypal account suspended email informing you of the reason your account has been suspended. You now must present identity proof in order to reactivate your account. This might be your passport or driver’s license.

To unsuspend your PayPal account, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to PayPal first. Ensure that an active internet connection is available on all of your devices.
  2. Use your login information to access your account.
  3. Now, select “Resolution Center” to view the issue’s resolution.
  4. Then, it gives you the details and reason for PayPal suspended account.
  5. Navigate to the Account limitation block or section.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the Resolve button.
  7. When PayPal requests proof of identity from you, submit them.
  8. You will receive a mail asking for the account to be reactivated as soon as the operator approves your account.
  9. The transfers and transactions can now be completed successfully.

PayPal may occasionally request that you mail some papers. You must deliver the documentation right away in order to move forward with the process of fixing the PayPal suspended account and have your account un-suspended as soon as possible.

How to unsuspend your PayPal account in an easy way

How to unsuspend your PayPal account in an easy way

How to Avoid PayPal Suspended Account? 

As they say, “prevention is better than cure,” you should make every effort to avoid your PayPal account from being suspended.

Here are some suggestions to significantly lower the chances of having a PayPal suspended account.

  • You should notify Paypal in advance if you anticipate receiving a large volume of money so they can prepare for it. In other terms, be sure to notify them in advance if you want to launch a significant product.
  • There is a survey that you must complete when signing up for Paypal Website Payments Pro for the first time. Make sure to tick off bigger amounts when it comes to your projected monthly income.
  • Make sure your account does not have any restrictions on the amount of money you can take each day by contacting Paypal. Limits may occasionally be imposed based on various aspects of your credit history or background checks.
  • Ensure sure the name listed on your Paypal account—either your name or the name of your company—exactly matches the names on your bank and credit cards.
  • Use the exact same addresses and phone numbers as you do for your credit cards and bank accounts.
  • If you deliver physical goods, always use trackable shipping methods in case a claim is made against you.
  • Verify that the name of your company on the account matches exactly with your FEIN or social security number.
  • Connect both your bank account and your credit card to PayPal.

The best course of action is to use technological tools like Synctrack to future-proof your refund and customer dispute management process. With Synctrack, you can be confident that any PayPal refund and dispute will be minimized all the way.

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Avoid PayPal suspended account by using Synctrack - Add tracking info

Avoid PayPal suspended account by using Synctrack – Add tracking info

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Final Words

In a nutshell, despite the fact that so many users face the risk of PayPal suspended account, we still find PayPal to be a highly convenient and safe method of payment.

Besides several tips we’ve mentioned above, you should also avoid relying only on PayPal and take all reasonable steps to reduce your chargeback risks in the meantime.

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