7 reasons why you should use Shopify

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When starting to look for business ideas to create sales stores, many users often wonder which platform is quality, ensuring effective support for themselves. If you are also looking for more information, we believe Shopify will be the best choice. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should use Shopify for those interested!

Easy to set up

The first one of the top reasons why you should use Shopify is an e-commerce solution for “everyone”. Indeed it is, it will not take you too long to set up an online store on Shopify by yourself. Instead of having to hire a website design company, now you don’t need to spend money for this anymore and still own a professional sales page.


Shopify will help you a lot when selling products

Price and scalability

Many people think that Shopify seems to be more expensive than other sales website creation platforms. We will try a preliminary analysis with the most popular package $29 / 1 month what we will have:

  • Booth full of features
  • Create a booth quickly and without outsourcing costs
  • No need for senior IT personnel to manage data
  • Peace of mind selling without worrying about tons of websites from malicious competitors
  • Unlimited products posted Linking other sales channels such as: Ebay, Amazon, Etsy…
  • Link with shipping units Connect with offline points of sale (Shopify POS)
  • Unlimited installation of supported apps in Shopify’s app store
  • Flexible monthly payment so you can stop or temporarily close at any time 24/7 support

With these reasons why you should use Shopify, we believe that this app will help you a lot.

Free stuff – reasons why you should use Shopify

The first of the things that are free is that you will get 14 days free, which is the right amount of time for you to complete your business preparation booth. One great thing about Shopify is that, in case you haven’t completed the store in 14 days, you can Email support to get the next 14 days free.

Other resources that you get for free like:

  • Free and Paid Theme Store
  • Free and Paid App Store
  • Free design tools such as Logo, Slogan, Brand Name…
  • Free stock images
  • Unlimited Free Storage
  • Etc

Currently, there is no other platform as diverse in applications and features as Shopify. This can be considered an ecosystem in the technology of designing e-commerce sales pages.

Speed ​​and Security

Speed ​​is a very important part of keeping customers around longer. If using Woocommerce we need to choose Hosting, optimize the sales page to expect the website to achieve the fastest page load speed, then with Shopify we don’t need to worry about this. With its cloud storage technology, your sales website always reaches the fastest loading speed on both computers and mobile devices.

If you have a business but also have to worry about the security issues of the sales page, it is difficult to focus, especially for small business people. Many cases have been happening in the fact that the business person pours money to run ads but suddenly the sales page is faulty, the customer clicks on the link without seeing anything at this time, the seller has just lost advertising money. must be paused for error identification and correction.

If you do not want to fall into such situations, Shopify is the best choice for you.


Shopify has an application store that effectively supports the online marketing

SEO optimization and marketing tools – reasons why you should use Shopify

Designing a booth is one thing, but effective business or not is another matter, requiring the knowledge of the entrepreneur’s Marketing. Shopify has an application store that effectively supports the online marketing of the store. Whatever you need Shopify can provide such as: Facebook ads, Google, Email marketing, social networking links…

Recently Shopify has partnered with Google to make it easier for your products to be displayed on this search engine. Search engine optimization (S.E.O) will help your sales page easily get to the top of Google search, from which you will have a high number of converting customers that are completely free.

However, not everyone understands and optimizes their sales page for the most S.E.O standard, with Shopify, you don’t need to worry much, your sales page itself is already optimized. Besides, you can install and use additional applications that support search optimization on Shopify to make your store more Google-friendly.


One of helpful reasons why you should use Shopify is definitely mobile-friendly function. The world currently has 5.28 billion people with mobile devices, of which more than 90% of people in developed countries own mobile phones and 76% of them are smartphones.

Another key forecast is that mobile e-commerce will account for over 50% in 2021. Shopify’s free or paid themes are all very mobile-friendly. You don’t need to set up separate computer and mobile devices, every time you change it, it will automatically show the best on all devices.

The good display on all devices not only makes the user experience better, but also “pleased” with Google, this search engine will appreciate the website if it is optimized for both mobile devices motion.

The best Dropshipping channel

As I said at the beginning of the article, a lot of people mistakenly think that Shopify is only for Dropshipping, which means that this platform is very suitable when building a sales page according to the Dropshipping model.

The most common reasons that dropshippers choose Shopify:

  • The speed of creating a sales page is fast
  • Multiple vendors’ applications
  • Many applications support Dropshipping
  • Links to many international payment gateways.

You can learn about the Dropshipping model on Shopify without getting tired, surely you can do it right now!


7 reasons why you should use Shopify

There are 7 reasons why you should use Shopify for those who want to owning stores for your own. Shopify has many outstanding advantages such as cost, scalability, speed, security, and fast customer support. Shopify is suitable for a small store with just one person to a large business corporation without requiring a lot of management and setup resources.

If you want a solution to add tracking number effectively to Shopify without spending much time, our app Synctrack will help you in such a case. We believe that the support from Synctrack will help your business grow effectively, so you should install now.

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