Shopify order notes – How does Synctrack work?

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Synctrack is well-known as one of the solutions that may assist Shopify merchants in resolving a number of PayPal issues. Besides the renowned features, Synctrack is also appreciated by many people because of its important advantage: Displaying the next orders on Shopify. So how does this feature Shopify order notes work?

with-shopify-order-note- your-orders-must-meet-2-conditions

With Shopify order note, your orders must meet 2 conditions

How does Synctrack help businesses on Shopify order notes? 

With Shopify order notes, If you want to display information about upcoming orders as a Note on Shopify, your orders must meet 2 conditions:

  • When the order happens after the feature activation time
  • When the order is synced and the tracking number is sent to PayPal/Stripe successfully

If these requirements are satisfied, your order information, including details about your order, will be completely displayed on Shopify, including:

  • Tracking number: A tracking number is a chain of digits that can include numbers and letters or only numbers
  • Carrier: Carrier information informs you which unit will handle and transport your goods to your consumer, providing a sense of comfort to both you and the buyer.
  • Transaction ID: A transaction ID initially appears on your invoice or order information, therefore it is different from the tracking number.

The benefits of the process

The 2 main advantages of this feature Shopify order notes are:

  • Customers’ information can be updated as soon as possible: The display of notes in advance will help customers understand information conveniently, allowing them to manage transactions more successfully.
  • Take control of your orders: Rather than not updating, you can now control which orders have been synced, ensuring that you don’t miss out on important orders for your shop.

2 benefits of Synctrack for those who use it

To summarize, Synctrack is one of the easiest programs for adding tracking information to Paypal, and it also has the ability to display orders as a note on the dashboard. Therefore, don’t miss it!

For those who want to understand more about our high-quality feature, you can reach out our video about it right now!
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