Synctrack – Success story from Wrapango

935 views - September 21, 2022

Wrapango’s goal is to expand its store so that it can offer a wider variety of goods and attract more customers. Along with product research and development, operators are constantly looking for methods to streamline daily tasks in order to achieve this.

The team was trying to figure out a way to sync the Shopify tracking number with PayPal and Stripe. Thankfully, Wrapango now has Synctrack, a fantastic and dependable solution.

Honest conversation by the founder

Along our development process, Synctrack is lucky to be trusted by Wrapango – a leading business in supplying health care products to consumers.

Jordan, the CEO, and co-founder of Wrapango was open and honest about the Synctrack usage process. Jordan believes that by sharing a true story, people would be inspired to select a quality product to go along with the brand.

In the past, Wrapango struggled with PayPal holding money and issues with order management. Now with Synctrack, every problem will be solved perfectly!

About Wrapango

Wrapango is known as one of the brands that provide many health care products to consumers. Products that Wrapango offers include body slimming, cleansing and detox, skincare, and oral care. All products help customers have the best feeling with an all-natural, plant-based routine!

Jordan and his colleagues created their brand by pursuing excellent quality and perfect customer experience. They gather top technical talents to give buyers the most perfect products.

We don’t settle it for good, we go for the best” is Wrapango catchphrase. Because of this, Wrapango always seeks for the best option for your store, and Synctrack offers the highest level of satisfaction.

From being alone… 

Before using Synctrack, the Wrapango team had some pain points and difficulties. They had freezing funds, and manually updating the tracking numbers was very frustrating for their team. 

Many times because of not updating tracking info manually and PayPal held money, Wrapango frequently had to find alternative challenging solutions to get enough cash to purchase the product.

The market is always very harsh, if there is a time delay, customers may not want to buy the product anymore. Therefore, improving the speed of money holding by PayPal to bring products to shoppers in a timely manner is something that Jordan and the team are interested in.

I know that it was necessary to change and use an app related to adding tracking numbers to PayPal, so I looked it up on Shopify apps myself.

After checking through the keywords related to PayPal, Synctrack was in the top position and received a lot of good customer reviews, so Jordan decided to use it. 

…To get updated with Synctrack! 

Wrapango started with Synctrack very early. Synctrack was the first application that Jordan chose to integrate with his store, which is related to synchronizing tracking numbers and orders. Now with 3 – 4000 orders per month, they are still using Synctrack and upgrading to the more suitable plan. 

Not only PayPal, but Wrapango also uses it to add tracking numbers to Stripe. The reason is that they use PayPal and Stripe at the same time as payment providers, and Synctrack helps to solve all problems in no time. This is also a great tool for stores that are using these payment gateways, Synctrack will help quickly solve any problem!

Jordan share:

Using Synctrack is really fantastic. Every member of my team loves this app!

No more struggle to turn around the money, which contributes to the issue of fewer successful orders. All problems have been fixed, helping them grow orders to a monthly average of over 4000.

With 2 years of experience, Jordan does not want to switch to another app

The dashboard, in Jordan’s opinion, is the ideal instrument for him to efficiently examine and track the number of orders. It has all metrics and order information embedded in it, so updating everything just takes Jordan less than two minutes. He hasn’t had any issues using Synctrack so far.

With 2 years of experience, Jordan does not want to switch to another app since Synctrack helps the team with all the work it could. 

In fact, Wrapango is just one of the thousands of brands currently using Synctrack in the Shopify, Woocommerce, and WordPress marketplaces. We believe that by sharing these customer success stories, you’ll gain a more rounded perspective and discover a product that is actually useful and essential for you right now!

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