Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts – a comfortable way to increase the work efficiency

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Neither every big business nor start-up on Shopify knows that using multiple PayPal accounts is more beneficial than accessing only one account. Therefore, they get into trouble when it comes to special occasions on which the sales profit is increasing dramatically. If you want to find an app that can help you avoid all the struggles, Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts, helping you feel a lot better.


Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts for store owners

The advantages of having multiple accounts on Paypal/Stripe

It is understandable that Synctrack brings a lot of benefits to people who sell products on Shopify. Instead of having steady sales for months, in some cases, such as on Christmas Eve or at the end of the seasons, sellers always find it necessary to close more deals, and it brings back their huge profits. 

For an account with a sudden change in sales and an increase in payment in a short period of time, it will be limited by the Risk team of Paypal to review. You need to update PayPal when it is expected that the volume of orders will spike especially for products that are forecasted to be trending, by contacting Paypal support or finding a Reputable agency can contact PayPal in order to handle it in a simpler way.

Paypal will hold your money until finishing investigating and finding out the truth. To avoid that case, you can use various accounts on Paypal, giving a decrease in the amount of time wasted. 

If sellers utilize more than 1 primary account, cash flow will be separated into various accounts, and it will encourage minimizing the time waiting for cashback. 

Because Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts, this e-commerce platform will not support you to change payment gateways continuously. You need to manually reset it if you want to change your Paypal account. So how do you skip this step? Using the Synctrack tool will effectively assist you to change accounts.

Raise work performance by synchronizing information exactly since Syntrack supports unlimited Paypal accounts

Using Synctrack while having a variety of Paypal accounts will help you know your exact orders are synced by which account, therefore you can manage your cash flow in a better way. 

Utilizing the Synctrack tool will not cost you time to change Paypal accounts continuously. Many people find that logging in to Shopify to change accounts is so troublesome and complicated, in case they forget to switch accounts, they may still encounter a large amount of money pouring into a single account, thereby making the withdrawal delay still possible. 

Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts means all you need to do is fulfilling the information of every Paypal account you own into Shopify. In this way, you won’t have to worry about bad things happening to your account anymore. Synctrack will help you to keep the cash flowing smoothly through each account, minimizing the situation of being noticed by Paypal. The transaction ID of each order will be properly synced with the Paypal account which is used to receive payment, and it will encourage you to control easier. 

In addition, to support customers more effectively, Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts in every pricing plan, so no matter which package you use, you will be supported by Synctrack.


Using Syntrack helps you save a lot of time managing your stores

In conclusion, for those who are fed up with Paypal holding money or want to get away from Paypal investigating, the feature Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal Accounts will be the ideal way to solve the tough problems. 

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