What is Paypal? 5 benefits of Paypal you need to know

666 views - May 27, 2022

Paypal is a specialized tool in international online transactions which is currently highly appreciated. Many people wanna know what is PayPal.  Here is a guide to using Paypal to help you make transactions more efficient.


What is Paypal?

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an American company founded in 1988, providing electronic payment services worldwide. Paypal is an intermediary between buyers and online sellers, ie the buyer will deposit money into a Paypal account and use that account to complete electronic transactions. Paypal will charge a transaction fee to keep it running.

Currently, Paypal is supporting many different languages ​​for people around the world to find and use effectively.

The 5 benefits of Paypal for you to use

Paypal is being trusted by many people because of the following advantages:

  • Fast Payment: Paypal transactions are done very quickly and instantly. Easily receive and transfer money between PayPal accounts with no fees in case 2 individuals transfer money to each other.
  • No need to enter cardholder information many times: Cardholder information is stored only once when registering an account. And you don’t need to re-enter cardholder information for each payment.
  • Confidentiality of customer information: The personal information of cardholders will be absolutely confidential.
  • Popularity: Paypal is one of the e-wallets with a wide payment network around the world.
  • Support: Paypal has good and fast customer care support.

5 benefits of using Paypal

With the advantages that Paypal brings to customers, we firmly believe that this will be an extremely convenient method for you to pay not only for now but also for the future. Therefore, you should not miss a useful app like this.

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