How to track a package paid with PayPal?

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Package tracking is very useful for international deliveries. It helps you to check that the recipient of a gift or important shipment has accepted it, and you can keep track of every action in between, as the sender.

It is also especially helpful for items that have also gone missing because it makes it easy for both the courier and the customer to figure out where they might have gone astray in the delivery and shipping process.

That’s why knowing how to track a package paid with PayPal is very important.

How to see PayPal transactions?

Once an item is delivered, PayPal can let you track the progress of that shipment easily – don’t worry too much about “How to track a package paid with PayPal”

All of your orders, along with their shipment status, are listed by PayPal on your PayPal History page. The History page can be accessed by clicking the My Account tab, then choosing the History subtab.

You may view a list of all of your orders from the previous month on the History page. In addition, you can also check previous orders by pulling down the Select list and selecting a time period, or by entering your own start and stop dates from the lists above the History table.

Every shipment item’s current status is displayed in the Order Status/Actions column for every transaction listed.

How to track a package paid with PayPal

How to track a package paid with PayPal

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How to track a package paid with PayPal?

With vast amounts of packages presently being sent by shipping service providers, it’s highly recommended to keep a close eye on them to avoid loss or theft of the shipping and delivery

Every seller must add tracking information to Paypal for products, including a tracking number, so that their buyers may find out where their item is. Normally, tracking numbers can be found on customers’ Paypal pages, emails from Paypal, or emails from third-party platforms. 

A Paypal tracking number is always required since most customers may be impatient and want to monitor packages as quickly as possible and expect to know when they can receive them.

On the PayPal Activity page, you may track the status of your order and the PayPal tracking information. To track your order, simply click “check tracking” on the PayPal website. 

Contact PayPal or the vendors to acquire further information

Contact PayPal or the vendors to acquire further information

For each order, the shipping address, shipping vendor, and shipping date details are all visible. If you are not able to see it, you can either contact PayPal or the vendors to acquire further information.

However, this case of not being able to track package will never happen to your business with our powerful tool- Synctrack.

Synctrack is a necessary tool that helps businesses add tracking info to PayPal automatically.

Regardless of the quantity or regularity of your payments, Synctrack is developed to integrate your tracking information on any transaction from your carrier to PayPal. Basically, customers can monitor their transactions with Synctrack by receiving tracking data via PayPal.

Synctrack offers the following essential features: 

  • ‍PayPal Seller Protection: The excellent PayPal Seller Protection feature reduces disputes and chargebacks and aids in minimizing buyer fraud.
  • Quicker Funds Release: With supported carriers, you can access your funds immediately after delivery. PayPal reserves the ability to suspend payments for up to 21 days in the event of a sudden increase in sales or disputes in order to safeguard customers.
  • Reducing Chargebacks & PayPal Disputes: By giving your clients accurate tracking numbers within PayPal’s system, you can increase your revenue because there will be fewer complaints and chargebacks.
Add tracking number simply to PayPal by Synctrack

Add tracking number simply to PayPal by Synctrack

The Bottom Line

Nevermind about “How to track a package paid with PayPal”. Now you have Synctrack – The best option for integrating tracking information.

Try Synctrack – Auto Add PayPal Tracking Info for exclusive advantages right away, then you will not worry about how to track package on PayPal!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to streamline your business operation.

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