How to make a new account on Paypal? Updated 2022

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How to make a new account on Paypal is something that many people are interested in, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. If you are interested, read our new article to know more about this information. Believe that the sharing we create will help you feel satisfied.


Create a new account on PayPal is really easy

What are the conditions to register to open a new account on Paypal?

There are many conditions that you must meet when you want to open an account and register in Paypal. You need to meet the conditions that we bring, because that will be the best way to help you use your Paypal account more comfortably.

  • Aged 18 years and older
  • Have identity card or citizen identification card
  • An active primary Email address
  • Have 1 of the Visa/Mastercard/America Express cards
  • Have a need for international shopping, transactions or payments.

To register for PayPal, there will be 2 jobs you need to do: make a VISA card and create a PayPal account on your computer.

If you do not have a VISA card, you need to go to the bank’s transaction office/branch to directly meet the support staff and proceed to make the card.


How to make a new account on Paypal?

How to make a new account on Paypal?

Step 1

Select “Quick Sign Up”

Step 2:

Two account options appear: “Buy with PayPal” for people who often shop online and “Get paid with PayPal” for individuals and businesses that regularly receive payments. However, most of you want to buy online and use personal payment, so just select “Get Started” in the “Buy with PayPal” section.

Step 3

  • In the nationality section you choose your country.
  • Email address, you use your fixed email to register for PayPal.
  • Password must have the following criteria: at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers, must have at least 1 special character.
  • Then press “Continue”.

Step 4

Enter personal information

Step 5

Fill in your VISA card information

If you do not have a VISA card, then select “I will make a card later”.

If you already have a VISA card, please fill in the required information, then click “Link card”.

In there: Credit card number is your card number. Expiration date is the expiration time, this is written on the front of your card. CSC is a security code, consisting of 3 numbers written on the back of the card.

After completing the above 5 steps, the new account on Paypal creation is basically completed. However, you need to verify your account to ensure security when using features and conducting transactions.

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