Multi store integration feature – all the benefits you need to know

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One of the most used features of Syntrack app is Multi store integration. In this article, we will show you all the benefits of this feature and detail how to use it.

1. Instruction on how to get Multi-Store Integrated with Synctrack 

  • How to Integrate multi stores: 

Step 1: Open Synctrack app => Settings => Multi Stores Integration
Synctrack app - multi store integration
Step 2: Click “Add connection”

Synctrack app - Multi store integration

Step 3: Enter the Store Name that you want to integrate and Click ‘’Add Store”

Step 4: Log into the Store Account and verify. 

  • How to track orders of all stores:

Step 1: Click on “Order” in the bottom tab Navigator and this Interface screen will appear. Click on the button “Store” on the Filter tab. After that, you can choose 1 of 2 stores to display data.

Step 2: You can manage the Status of Order by Click on the “Sync Status” Filter tab

Step 3: You can filter out all the data needed by using the Filter Tab

For instance, in the image, the data whose Sync Status is Complete from 1 specific store in this month, using Paypal and Stripe as payment methods, is displayed.

2. Advantages of integrating multi store on Synctrack

Synctrack accounts are shared by all businesses in multi store ecommerce platforms. Every store’s subscription costs are reduced as a result. A single Synctrack account is shared by all stores in multi-store e-commerce platforms. Merchants save money since they don’t have to install Synctrack for each individual establishment.

Multi-store systems allow you to manage all of your stores from a single dashboard. However, handling all of the data, such as orders, tracking numbers, PayPal/Stripe accounts, and so on, might be time-consuming.


Intergrate Multi Store on Synctrack Install a separate app for each store that serves the same goal.
Money- savings as only 1 app needed to be used for all stores. It costs more when each store you manage has to use a separate app. For example, when you manage 3 stores, the cost will be 3 times higher.
All the status of the store’s order will be managed at the same time in one screen, which saves a lot of time If you handle order status for numerous stores, you’ll need to log out and back in several times, which is time consuming.

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