PayPal dispute item not received: How to solve it?

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Nowadays, PayPal has won the trust of the majority of consumers and has thus become the most popular and secure payment method.

With the customer protection policy of PayPal, any online seller will surely face disputes raised by customers, in which PayPal dispute item not received is the most common.

Most importantly, this is not an issue coming from customers, but from fraud.

If you fall prey to PayPal dispute item not received, then this post is for you! Keep reading and you’ll learn how to win the disputes.

PayPal dispute item not received - How to solve it?

PayPal dispute item not received – How to solve it?

Why do buyers open the PayPal dispute?

Customers dispute their orders through PayPal for the following two reasons:

  • PayPal dispute item not received: Since the seller was reluctant or unable to complete the order, the buyer placed an order and paid for an item but never received it.
  • PayPal dispute item not as described: The buyer states that the item they received differs greatly from what the seller described.

If any of the above take place, PayPal will notify you through email. They’ll also start a case in the PayPal Resolution Center, the exclusive place for customers and merchants to communicate and settle complaints.

You will have exactly 20 days to reach a deal with your buyer. However, if you were unable to come to an agreeable compromise, your buyer can decide to turn the dispute into a PayPal claim for item not received.

A claim is made when someone requests their money back and asks PayPal to take part in the mediation.

Does PayPal refund money if item not received?

Does PayPal refund money if item not received?

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Does PayPal refund money if item not received?

PayPal often returns the money to the customer if the item is not received.

The only exception to this policy would be if the seller provides proof, such as delivery confirmation from a courier, proving that the item has been delivered to the buyer’s registered PayPal address.

Due to the additional level of protection it offers, this refund procedure makes PayPal preferred way of online payment for many consumers.

So, as an online seller, what can you do to solve the PayPal dispute item not received? Let’s come to the following part to find the answer!

How to win PayPal dispute item not received?

The crucial activities you must take to prevail in any unjustified PayPal dispute item not received are listed below:

Show a trackable proof of delivery

In the event that a buyer filed an Item Not Received claim against you, PayPal would ask for proof to the contrary. You will lose the case if you lack such strong evidence.

Tracking a package is essential since it offers verifiable evidence the item was delivered to the customer.

In the absence of such information, the dispute will go against you. If you lack a trackable proof of delivery, PayPal will automatically side with the customer.

So what could be better to leverage technological tools like Synctrack to future-proof your refund and customer dispute management process? With Synctrack, solving PayPal dispute item not received is now a breeze.

Shows a trackable proof of delivery to win faster

Shows a trackable proof of delivery to win faster

Send packages insured, improve customer service, and give accurate delivery dates

Since the customer is responsible for paying the shipping charges, you should make sure you insured the item. Your package’s insurance will reduce the likelihood of a PayPal dispute resulting from a lost or damaged product.

It is also important to note that when customers don’t receive their orders quickly, they frequently file an Item Not Received PayPal Dispute. By providing realistic delivery dates, you can prevent this.

Additionally, it is extremely crucial that you clearly explain to them the features and advantages of the product. Don’t mislead your customers by omitting images of the goods taken from various angles.

Please keep in mind that when customers place an order, they immediately anticipate receiving it. At this point, make sure you’ve built an excellent customer service and return policy.

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How to respond to PayPal dispute item not received

Follow these instructions to reply to the PayPal Item Not Received dispute:

  • Open a PayPal Resolution Center login.
  • In the “Action” section, next to your case, click “View”
  • Enter all of the aforementioned supporting documentation (purchase tracking details, delivery confirmation, etc.) in response to the buyer and choose Send.

If your customer raised the issue to the level of a claim, you will have 10 days to react. After you’ve provided your strong supporting proof, PayPal will analyze the situation and make a decision.

For the majority of claims, that happens in 10–14 days.

You can always check the status of a case and, if necessary, add more details in the Resolution Center.

Final Words

Surely you don’t have to worry about PayPal dispute item not received anymore, right? With our solution – Synctrack, winning the disputes is a no-brainer.

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