Sync tracking info by Synctrack – How does it work?

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Currently, there is a lot of software that provides information synchronization solutions on Paypal and Stripe for Shopify store owners, but not all software can sync tracking numbers as rapidly and thoroughly as Synctrack. Therefore, if you want to understand more about: sync tracking info by Synctrack, you’ll be amazed and want to utilize it right now!


Using Synctrack can help you to manage your time

The real pace of Synctrack while syncing tracking info

Paypal allows you to sync up to 20 tracking orders per account at a time. Synctrack will integrate 20 tracking numbers for one step and synchronize each step at the quickest speed possible, guaranteeing that 1000 tracking numbers can be synchronized each minute, which is similar to real-time.

This is a fast speed that is better than many other Shopify applications since there are no tools serving clients as swiftly and effectively as this one. As a result, customers feel extremely satisfied and choose to use our app Synctrack.

The advantages of the fast sync tracking info by Synctrack process

Speeding up sync tracking information is extremely necessary, especially on special occasions when the purchase volume is pushed 3-5 times, even dozens of times. So if you do not want to be held by PayPal and have your information synchronized quickly to have the money transferred to your account, definitely coming and using Synctrack will be one of the best choices for you. 

You need to know that fast information synchronization, means that the money will return to your account faster, helping you recover capital and reinvest quickly. This is highly useful for business owners, and you should not overlook it!


Sync tracking info by Synctrack automatically

In conclusion, with sync tracking info speeds up to 1000 trackings per minute, Synctrack is the ideal solution for you to trust and utilize for your shop!

Here are our video about this helpful feature sync tracking info by Synctrack, and you can reach another blog about Synctrack: Fair pricing on Synctrack – Providing an ideal package for store owners on Shopify

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