How to change tracking number on PayPal?

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Your transactions are still presented to be pending on PayPal, and thus your money is on hold for a while? If that’s the case, your business will suffer a slow cash flow which is not really expected in any business.

You may surely worry about the reason why that happened to you. The most common reason for this situation is the missing tracking numbers.

In this post, you will get to know the importance of tracking numbers and how to change tracking number on PayPal.

Why is the tracking number on PayPal important?

You must submit all required information regarding the processing order in which tracking number is one of the most important parts as a safety measure.

This helps you ensure that your PayPal account remains operational and avoid needless limits or holds or to stop cunning customers from charging back on PayPal transactions or reversing the transactions.

As a result, making sure that the customer can follow their order via tracking number on Paypal is the main goal of updating a PayPal transaction to full status.

The significance of updating an order as processed or completed along with a tracking number is to formally acknowledge the conclusion of the transaction. Customers will have a chance to file a dispute if they cannot track their order and therefore may not receive it.

In a nutshell, adding a tracking number helps your business avoid payment on hold and the risk of fake disputes coming from customers.

Besides, the tracking number further demonstrates the seller’s sincerity. It informs PayPal that you don’t engage in any fraudulent or misleading business activity with customers.

However, if you forget to update the tracking number on PayPal, don’t worry! We’re here to help you!

Keep reading the next paragraph, we will tell you how to change a tracking number on PayPal.

How to change tracking number on PayPal

How to change tracking number on PayPal

How to change tracking number on PayPal?

Here are two cases where you need to edit tracking numbers.

If you forget to update tracking numbers, then the following is how to add them:

  1. Go to the Transaction details page.
  2. After that, choose Add tracking info. You must adhere to the instructions provided in order to add or modify the tracking number on the PayPal website.
  3. Click Activity at the page’s top.
  4. Once you’ve found the transaction you want to change, click the dropdown menu in the “Actions” column just below it.
  5. From the options list, choose Add tracking.
  6. In the order status menu, choose Shipped if you sold a product. Enter the tracking details, choose the delivery company, and manually add or update the tracking number.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. The customer receives an email once you click “Submit” informing them that you provided the shipping tracking data for this transaction.

Similar to the way you add the tracking number manually above, you can also edit it. If you enter the wrong tracking number, then this instruction will help you out:

  1. Access your PayPal account by logging in to the website.
  2. At the top of the page, click “History.”
  3. Find the transaction.
  4. Click “Details”.
  5. Click Edit”.
  6. Make any necessary changes and click “Save”
Detailed steps to edit tracking numbers on PayPal

Detailed steps to edit tracking numbers on PayPal

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How to change tracking number on PayPal faster?

All of the above steps are manually changing and adding the tracking number. It’s not surprising if you continue to run the risk of mistyping it.

At this point, you will need a powerful tool to automate this process. Luckily, Synctrack – Add Tracking Info will be one of the best tools to help you do so.

Once you’ve completed orders using Shopify payment, SyncTrack – Add tracking auto will become aware of it and automatically gather the tracking data and transmit it to PayPal.

This shields you from claims like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received. As a result, you can immediately access cash with the use of this information, safeguard sellers, and update consumers.

Thanks to Synctrack, you have more time to concentrate on your company, increase revenue, and improve conversion rates.

Sync your order information to PayPal with Synctrack

Sync your order information to PayPal with Synctrack


You won’t have any trouble changing or adding tracking numbers on PayPal, especially if you use our amazing tool Synctrack.

Beside how to change tracking number on PayPal, don’t forget to check out our blog right now for more updated information!

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